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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I get a trial for my wedding?
    Yes! I highly recommend booking a trial for your special day. Similar to wedding dress fittings, trials allow you to see how you will look on your wedding day. It will also allow for a less stressful wedding day when you are confident in how your hair and makeup will look.
  • Is there an additional charge for trials?
    Yes, there is an additional charge for trials. The trial is generally a longer appointment as it allows for discussions on how you want hair/makeup to look and any changes that need to be made in real time to perfect the look.
  • How do you keep your kit clean and sanitary?
    Keeping my hair and makeup kits clean and sanitary for my clients is a top priority. I always have 99% alcohol on hand to spray on makeup, tools and brushes in between clients. I also use a product called Beauty So Clean which I spray directly on makeup to sanitize before each use. Hand sanitizer is also essential as is anti-bacterial wipes and washing my hands between clients. I use disposable wands for products such as mascara and lip gloss, and never ever double-dip. For other cream/liquid products, I scoop out the product onto a sanitary palette for use so the product does not get contaminated. After each job, I deep clean my brushes with anti-macrobial cleanser and clean/wipe down my entire kit to remove any excess powders, product and germs.
  • What certifications do you have?
    I hold certifications in Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling for Makeup Artists from Nina MUA Makeup Academy in New York City. I also am a Licensed Esthetician in the state of Florida and a member of the Professional Beauty Association. Recently, due to the global pandemic, I received additional certifications in sanitation and hygeine from Barbicide for COVID-19 training for the Professional Beauty Industry; Safe Sets International for COVID-19 for the Film and Video Production Industry; and Dermalogica Clean Touch on proper sanitation and disinfection for enhanced service safety. I will continue my education to ensure I have the latest training and information to keep myself and my clients as safe as possible.
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